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Today’s Location Data Challenges
Address data is typically five to ten years old or non-existent for less developed countries due to a dependency on government data collection, such as the census. If your business relies on current address data or inaccurate geocoders that were not designed to meet the demands of the new digital economy, your business will encounter errors in the analysis of location data, and not efficiently deliver goods and services.

There are several top challenges facing companies where precision location is their core business.

  • No Standard Language – No uniform location language for computers to talk to each other or to humans – resulting in high operating costs and inefficiencies.
  • Data Integrity – Costly maintenance issues make it difficult to keep location data current – data degrades over time.
  • Business Intelligence – Minimal ‘actionable location business intelligence’ from internal and 3rd party databases for tactical or strategic data science teams to use to create new revenue opportunities.
  • Overfit – Many existing location-based systems are too costly, cumbersome and are ‘forced fit’ for various industry applications.

QA Locate addresses these challenges and greatly improves the integrity and accuracy of your location data.

QA Locate – Precision is Everything
QA Locate is the first PaaS engine to revolutionize the location landscape by reducing the complexity of address data through a new system of record for identifying, storing and updating buildings, places and spaces.

Simplifies location communication from human to human, computer to computer, and computer to human for various applications.

  • Unique Identifier – Augments existing location systems to make location information more acccurate, providing a uniform location identifier for all systems to use.
  • Business Intelligence – Creates new revenue opportunities with location intelligence and reduces IT, UV, IoT, and operating costs.
  • Real-Time – Crowdsourcing data makes location data usable for digital economy.
  • Ease of Integration – Think “CRM for Location” modular integration, like ‘Legos’ to fit location challenges in, and across, various industries and applications. QA Locate’s capabilities are complementary to the most popular mapping and data location solution and applications – basically we makes their stuff better.

We automate the identification, storage and real time updates of buildings, places and spaces for any industry, anywhere in the world. One database at a time or across the enterprise, we are solving location problems,today.

QA Locate in Action
Ridesharing | Delivery | Logistics | Autonomous Vehicles | E-911 Services | Telecom | Public Utility | Smart City | Healthcare | IoT Sensors | Smart Devices | Real Estate | Pilot & Drone Navigation | National Infrastructure | Location Analytics | Consumer Market Analysis | Data Science | and many more.